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Life in a Villa in Mykonos: Holiday’s Best!


You know what to expect, when you choose to rent a villa for your summer holidays. Lighthouse Villa in Mykonos, close to the Agios Stefanos beach, is not yet another villa. We are now ready to go through a day in Lighthouse Villa to see and feel in advance the thrills of staying with us!

First of all comes the morning light that will embrace you once opening your window’s shades. Then, the view to the serene Aegean Sea in front of you and the refreshing sea breeze that awake your senses every morning. Move now to the kitchen and prepare something for breakfast or order your favorite tastes which we will bring to your villa once you wake up! The day can go on with dives in the infinity swimming pool, relaxing at your sun lounger and daydreaming every time you open your eyes and watch the horizon’s interchanging colors! The BBQ is right by the corner, if you wish to have an outdoors gastronomic experience, or you can make your favorite dish at the fully equipped kitchen!

Laughter, joy, talking are filling the afternoons at the swimming pool. If you wish to arrange a tour or a visit to the famous beaches, then, just let us know to arrange your private transfer! As for the sunset time, in Lighthouse Villa with the stunning sea views these moments are unique! Relax and breathe in the aromas of the wild herbs surrounding the villa, as the first drops of humidity prepare the nature and you for a deep and totally care free sleeping experience! Sweet dreams of living in Lighthouse villa, in Mykonos, are made of these!